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Book and Toy Library Donation Program

The Aid for Kids Library of Hoi An has an exciting program to celebrate life’s important events. There is a constant need to continue to upgrade and expand the selection of books and educational toys. Some of the kids have read all the books in the library - and the toys are wearing out (and some are not brought back - which is okay, but they must be replaced).
A donation may be in any amount. A book in Viet Nam costs about  $5.00. A picture of the donated book will be sent to the address indicated on the form.
Please fill out this form and send donation to Aid for Kids, 18 Market Square, Houlton, Maine 04730

I wish to donate a book from the following program:

______ Memorial Book: In memory of __________________________.

             Interests areas were:_______________________________________.

______Birthday Book: Celebrate the birthday of ________________________.

            The Birthday is ___________________________________________.

______General Gift: From ________________________________________.

           Any additional information___________________________________.

Please email picture to ___________________________________________.

Please check one of the indicated donation amounts:

_____ $ 5.00      _____ $ 25.00                     ______$ 50              _____$ 100   

_____ Other