Thomas Martin, a Vietnamese-American, curious about his Vietnamese heritage –  culture and people – graduated from William Annin Middle School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey in 2016.  Thomas enjoys studying Latin and History, playing the viola and often engages in cycling and playing soccer.

Thomas was born on June 23, 2002 in Saigon and met his adoptive parents on September 2, 2002, in Vietnam through MAPS (Maine Adoption Placement Services). A few weeks later, on October 25, 2002 – his parents wedding anniversary – Thomas entered the United States through the Port of Seattle. Upon entering the country, Thomas became a United States citizen. Thomas’ original need to know of Vietnam and his idea of demonstrating Christian love through action has culminated into the “Thomas Martin’s Bikes for Kids In Vietnam” with the help of Dawn Degenhardt and her daughter, Joy, also adopted in Vietnam, this idea was conceived and realized.

Thomas Martin’s Bikes for Kids in Vietnam helps children, without transportation, get to and from school. The mission of the project is the procurement of bicycles for children in the Mekong Delta, which will provide them access to education, health care, food, and a brighter future. A goal of 100 bicycles was set. Thomas along with his parents – Jennie and John – kicked off the project with a donation of 10 bicycles and helmets which has now spread into many provinces in Vietnam. This affords children (many who have to walk long distances in the heat and rain) from extremely poor families the opportunity to attend school, and benefits their families, allowing them to go to work.  .

Donations ensure consistent attendance in school.

Sponsor 1 bike & 1 safety helmet for $120

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