THE “OTHER MAINE” PROJECT The “Other Maine” Project of Aid for Kids began in 2007 – with the purpose of making life better for children and their families – and has grown rapidly every year since. Exclusive to the State of Maine, this program distributes new articles of clothing including, winter coats, pajamas, and diapers


MAINE DENTAL CARE Aid for Kids partners with an organization known as Caring Hands of Maine. Caring Hands of Maine is a charitable organization with the mission of providing accessible, high quality healthcare services to rural Maine communities. Cooperatively, Aid for Kids and Caring Hands of Maine provide free dental education for children and adults.


EDUCATIONAL FAIRS An annual Educational Fair is held every summer at the John Millar Civic Center in Houlton, Maine and on Labor Day in Jonesport, Maine hosted by Aid for Kids. The Educational Fair was developed when Jennifer Francis brought “Bess the Book Bus” from Tampa to Houlton in 2008.  The first event was held

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